Alliance Foundation Scholarships

  • Women Helping Women

    The Alliance Foundation grants annual scholarships to women to attend local colleges and universities. We believe that education provides a pathway for women to become economically self-sufficient.

    Each year we offer scholarships to students who attend the Regis University of Denver, University of Denver - Colorado Women's College, and the Metropolitan State University of Denver.

    More women are entering college than ever before, but many face huge obstacles. Often, women must work to support themselves and their families while attending college. A scholarship can make a significant difference in helping such women graduate by easing their need to work or providing additional financial support.

  • Michaela Dexter - Regis University


    Michaela has just finished her first official semester in nursing school and has this to say about the Alliance Foundation and their help with her education:


    “It is through people and organizations like you that allow for the successes and triumphs of college students to be more than just single-bodied achievements; you are a vital part of the progression and growth of the young scholars of society. With endless gratitude and humility, I thank you for your support.”
    --Michaela Dexter.


  • The Schools We Support:

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